Poster Sessions Abstract Submission Guidelines


[1] Submission Method

Applicants are requested to submit an abstract via on-line submission form on CCT2019 website.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before the submission. If you have any inquiry regarding an abstract submission, please contact CCT Administration Office.

Contact: CCT Administration Office(For Poster Abstract Submission)


[2] Notification of Acceptance/Rejection, Exemplary Work

The results will be posted on CCT2019 website and notified by e-mail in the end of August.

[Coronary] The exemplary abstract presenters will be invited to give oral presentations with Power Point slides at the Digital Poster Session at the venue. The “Best Poster” award winner will be selected from presenters at the venue and receive an official commendation and a supplementary prize.

[3] Abstract Submission Procedure

  1. Please check “Category” in the below chart before submission.
  2. Please prepare an abstract. *Sample abstracts (PDF)
    • The main body must be concise and in the following order: Purpose, method, result and conclusion.
    • Abstract word limit: 250 words (Including an image: 170 words)
    • A chart or image in JPEG/GIF format can be attached.
    • Since CCT is not obliged to any mistake in abstracts, please be sure to confirm the content of your abstract.
  3. Please access the submission form at the bottom of this page and input the required information.
  4. A confirmation mail with a registration number will be sent to the registered e-mail address when the submission is completed. (Please avoid registering a free mail address, since there is a possibility of rejecting the confirmation mail.) Issuance of the number should be regarded as an acknowledgement of receipt of the abstract.


Course Abstract/Presentation Poster
Coronary English English
Peripheral English/Japanese English


C2 Complication/Bailout
C3 Complex Lesions (bifurcation, calcified, small vessel, and others)
C6 Imaging
C8 Risk Factor/Management
C8 Miscellaneous
P1 Acute Limb Ischemia/Thrombotic Lesion
P2 Aorta/Iliac
P3 Below the Knee/Below the Ankle
P4 Calcified Lesion
P5 Chronic Total Occlusion
P6 Claudication
P7 Complication/Bailout
P8 Critical Limb Ischemia
P9 Debulking Devices
P10 Drug Coating Balloon
P11 Femoral/Popliteal
P12 Foot Care
P13 Imaging
P14 Physiological Tests (ABI, SPP, Duplex, etc)
P15 Renal/Mesenteric/Subclavian/Carotid/Other Peripheral Artery Disease
P16 Risk Factor/Management
P17 Miscellaneous

[4] Notes in Abstract Submission

  1. Please use an appropriate browser.
    Use of an old browser version can hinder proper abstract submission.
    [Recommended browsers] Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari
  2. Please use a ciphertext communication submission form.
    In ciphertext communication, since the data is encrypted before transmission via the Internet, significantly enhancing the level of security. CCT therefore strongly recommends to use a ciphertext communication. However, some institutions are connected to the Internet via a configuration that disallows ciphertext communication. In that case, please use a plaintext.
  3. Registration number and password
    A Password should be set arbitrarily (6 to 8 single-byte alphanumerics) upon the abstract submission procedure. The registration number and password should be saved by the applicants, since these are required in the abstract correction/confirmation procedure. Please note that for security reasons, no password inquiry is accepted.
  4. Garbling/display problem in abstract body
    If a message such as "Not properly displayed" or "Garbled" is displayed, the problem can often be explained by the list below. Please refer to the following requirements when drafting an abstract:
    • Greek alphabet and superscript/subscript must be entered using a tag. This requires inserting letters/characters between "&" and ";" or between "<" and ">". These symbols must be entered using single-byte code. Copying and pasting the samples on the submission screen is recommended.
    • The entry of double-byte symbols/characters triggers garbling.
  5. Correcting/deleting the abstract
    During the application period, registered abstracts can be corrected (deleted) through the following steps:
    • Click the "Confirmation/Correction" button at the bottom of the page.
    • Enter your registration number (issued at first registration) and password (created by yourself).
    • Please click the "Update" button after making corrections on the screen.
      * Although the draft can be deleted by following similar steps, a deleted draft cannot be restored. Please be careful not to press the incorrect button between the "Registration Confirmation/Correction" and "Delete" buttons.
  6. Others
    For other inquiries, please refer to the following FAQ page.
    [UMIN online abstract submission system FAQ]

Abstract Submission


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