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Much more “Challenge and Innovation”

I, as the Representative Coronary Course Director of CCT 2019, would like to make a few remarks on the announcement of CCT 2019.

The relationship between CCT and me started with joining the 1st CCIC in 1995, which was a predecessor of CCT, as just a participant. CCIC gave me a great shock because Dr. Katoh, Dr. Suzuki and Dr. Tamai demonstrated PCIs for complex lesions that were completely different from my daily practice in those days. That shock still remains vivid in my memory. CCIC showed me an ideal PCI that was one that I should aim for. After joining the 1st CCIC, I started to get involved in complex PCI.

Subsequently, CCIC has been developed and has changed its name to CCT. Currently CCT covers not only Coronary course but also other categories of catheter therapeutics, such as Peripheral course, Surgical course, Structure Heart diseases course and Co-medical course. The number of participants has been increased year by year, and the number of participants in CCT2018 exceeded 5,500. I myself have been engaged in CCT as a Coronary Course Director since 2013 and a Supervisory Director since 2017. As one of the directors of CCT, I think that it is my obligation to provide CCT with the same great shock that I received at the 1st CCIC to all participants.

In this year’s CCT, we will prepare exciting live demonstrations that are always the main program of CCT, focusing on complex lesions including CTO, calcified lesion and bifurcated lesion. Of course, not only live demonstrations, but we also plan to have various sessions including scientific sessions, international sessions and a fellow course. Through all programs, we will hand over the “Challenge and Innovation" which is the spirit of CCT, and CCT 2019 will make one step further towards “Much more Challenge and Innovation".

We look forward to seeing you at CCT2019, which will be held in Kobe in autumn of 2019.

Yuji Hamazaki
CCT2019 Representative Coronary Course Director

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