Case Submission Guidelines


Education requires the sharing of experiences. For this reason, CCT2019 is making a Call for Cases.

[1] Submission

  1. Please input your information and case.
  2. After sending the form, your Case Registration Number will be issued. A confirmation mail with the number will be sent to your e-mal address. (Please keep your Case Registration Number for your reference.)
  3. Print out the confirmation screen/mail and send it with the case data saved in a storage medium such as CD-ROM or USB memory stick to CCT Administration Office by courier service. (Please make sure to specify the Case Registration Number.)
    If you would like to send the data by e-mail, please save all files in a zip file and upload the file on a web server such as Dropbox, Google Drive and firestrage. Please send the download URL of the file with your submission number to CCT Administration Office ( Please note that we will NOT accept any files directly send as e-mail attachment. The case data must be in DICOM format, and if there are non-DICOM images such as CT, in JPEG format. The JPEG images must be kept to the minimum necessary.

Address for submitting case data: CCT Administration Office

Central Residence 201, 48 Higashiodawaracho, Toyohashi, Aichi 440-0886, Japan
TEL: +81-532-57-1275, E-mail:


Course Case body, Presentation Presentation Slides
Coronary English English
Peripheral English/Japanese
(Title must be in English)


C2 Calcified lesion
C3 Chronic total occlusion
C4 Left main trunk
C5 Long, diffuse lesion, small vessel
C6 Ostial, bifurcated lesion
C7 Restenosis
C8 Others
M1 My Best Case Competition (We are calling for the best case of your career.)
V1 Very Complicated Case Competition (We are calling for complication cases.)
Case Presentation
P1 Acute Limb Ischemia
P2 Aorta (EVAR, TEVAR)
P3 CAS (Carotid)
P4 CLI (Clitical Limb Ischemia)
P5 Complications
P6 EVT for PAD
P7 New technique
P8 RAS (Renal artery)
P9 Others (*TAVI cases will be excluded from examination.)

[2] Notification of Acceptance/Rejection

The results will be posted on CCT2019 Website and notified by e-mail in the end of August.
Exemplary cases will be selected and presenters will be invited to give oral presentations at the venue.
The “Best Case” will be selected from the presenters in the below sessions and the winner will receive an official commendation, a faculty invitation to CCT2020 and a supplementary prize.

[Coronary] Case Competition
[Peripheral] My Best Case Competition / Very Complicated Case Competition

[3] Notes in Case Submission

  • Only one submission per applicant is accepted.
  • There is no word limitation.
  • Any illustration, table or chart cannot be attached to your case data.
  • The case data must be in DICOM format. The case without DICOM data will not be reviewed by the referees.
  • The submitted storage medium such as CD-ROM or USB memory stick with the case data will not be returned to the applicants.
  • Since CCT is not obliged to any mistake in case description, please be sure to confirm the content of your submission.
  • [Peripheral] Rejected cases in "My Best Case Competion" and "very Compicated Case Competition" might be asked to make presentaion in "Case Presentation".


Submission is now closed. Thank you for your active submission.

CCT Administration Office
Central Residence 201, 48 Higashiodawaracho, Toyohashi, Aichi 440-0886, Japan
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