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Case Competition 2008

Accepted cases and program for Case Competition 2008 are listed below.

NOTE: The session tiltle has been changed as follows;
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Chronic Total Occlusion-1 9:30
Jae-Bin Seo Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Korea Percutaneous coronary intervention for chronic total occlusion using retrograde approach via septal collateral
Jung Ho Heo Kosin University hospital Korea Multi-vessel AMI (LAD and LCX) with RCA-CTO: A case of simultaneous primary PCI of LAD and LCX followed by retrograde approach of RCA CTO through the previous stented LCX AMI lesion
Tin Chu Law Hong Kong Yan Chai Hospital Hong Kong Emergency Opening of CTO in an elderly patient with evolving NSTEMI
Surya Prakasa Rao Vithala Global Hospital India Chronic total occlusion - Subintimal angioplasty and stenting
Left Main Disease 10:30
Ho-Tsung Hsin Far-Eastern Memorial Hospital Taiwan, R.O.C Simultaneous kissing stenting for left main bifurcation
Dhiman Kahali B.M Birla Heart Research Centre India Ostial LMCA stenting
Takeshi Serikawa Shin-Koga Hospital Japan Successful treatment of LMT bifurcation lesion using “Reversed guide wire technique”
Doo Sun Sim Chonnam National University Hospital Korea Successful revascularization of acute left main occlusion in a young man
Complications/Bail out 11:30
Yoshiki Nagata Toyama Prefectural Central Hospital Japan Left anterior descending artery stenosis in an angina patient with anomalous single coronary artery arising from the left sinus of valsalva
Shuji Otsuki Mitsui Memorial Hospital Japan Late in-stent restenosis with stent fracture of sirolimus-eluting stent
Jae-Youn Moon Chonnam National University Hospital Korea Fatal recurrent stent thrombosis in a patient treated with drug-eluting stents
Boron Cheung-Wah Cheng Queen Elizabeth Hospital Hong Kong Chronic total occlusion of a large side branch behind metal strut at the bifurcation site
Chronic Total Occlusion-2 11:30
Magdy I Algowhary Kameda Medical Center Japan Balloon inflation as a guidewire support during penetration of a CTO lesion.
Yuichi Ujiie Hoshi General Hospital Japan Coronary artery embolization with a small size stent and subcutaneous tissue for coronary perforation after recanalization of the CTO of the LAD
Yukinori Sakamoto Aomori Prefectural Central Hospital Japan CTO treated with a 5Fr guiding catheter and 0.010 inch sized hydrophilic coated guidewires
Masaaki Okutsu Nozaki Tokushukai Hospital Japan Image of coronary aneurysm after cypher implantation for CTO detected by 64 rows MDCT
Miscellaneous-1 14:00
Kenji Suzuki Sendai Kousei Hospital Japan Successful covered stent implantation for pseudoaneurysm of left internal mammary artery graft
Eri Toda Tokai University Hospital Japan Acute coronary syndrome induced by spontaneous intramural hematoma in a young woman
Akinori Sairaku Chugoku Rosai Hospital Japan Successful delivery of filtrap retrieve catheter with slip through technique
Tomohiko Teramoto Toyohashi Heart Center Japan Intensive observation of the late incomplete stent apposition after SES implantation using OCT and CAS.
Bifurcations/Ostial lesions 15:00
Takao Makino Sapporo City General Hospital Japan A case of optimal stenting for LMT distal bifurcated lesion after debulking with DCA
V. K. Puri CSM Medical University India Bifurcation stenting in trifurcation lesion
Man Hong Jim Hong Kong West Cluster (Queen Mary Hospital & Grantham Hospital) Hong Kong Long-term clinical and angiographic outcomes of stenting of nonleft main coronary bifurcation lesions by using drug-eluting stents and sleeve technique
Shinobu Ichikawa Miki City Hospital Japan Delayed dissection in proximal LAD after directional coronary atherectomy
Acute Coronary Syndromes-1 16:00
Byju Kachery EMS Memorial Hospital and Research Centre India Left main bifurcaton stenting in acute myocardial infarction
Wojciech Wojakowski Silesian Medical University Poland IABP-supported primary PCI in 2 patients with AMI, cardiogenic shock with pulmonary oedema and three-vessel coronary artery disease
Haruki Endo Horikawa Hospital Japan Treatment for multiple peripheral arteries thrombosis in a ACS patient: A case report
Miscellaneous-2 17:00
Ju Han Kim Chonnam National University Hospital Korea Different time of restenosis in overlapping heterogenous drug-eluting stents
Ryosuke Kametani Nagoya Tokushukai General Hospital Japan Successful revascularization in the case of TVD with two CTO vessel, using heart CT information and reverse CART with stenting technique
Atsushi Funatsu Kyoto Katsura Hospital Japan Coronary flow reversal method for treatment of massive organized thrombus in ectatic RCA
Ping Tim Tsui Princess Margaret Hospital Hong Kong Bilateral big and tortuous coronary pulmonary fistulae
Acute Coronary Syndromes-2 10:30
Keishi Okochi Wakayama Medical University Japan In-stent plaque rupture nine years after bare metal stent implantation revealed by optical coherence tomography
Gerasimos Gavrielatos Evangelismos General Hospital Greece Primary percutaneous coronary angioplasty in a diffuse lesion of an anomalously originating left anterior descending coronary artery
Suvabrata Dutta B.M.Birla Heart Research Center India Stent thrombosis. Is it only DES related and how to bail out?
Jung Ho Heo Kosin University hospital Korea Multi-vessel AMI (LAD and LCX): 2 case of simultaneous primary PCI of LAD and LCX
Peripheral Cases 1 10:30
Yuki Horita Kanazawa Cardiovascular Hospital Japan A PTA case for dislocated smart stent delivered to subclavian venous stenosis: Complication of seceded shaft-tube from sheath catheter
Hiroshi Okumura Sonoda Third Hospital Japan A cypher stent fixed by old and new smart stents at external iliac artery due to fall off ballon shaft
Hidetsugu Sakai Kushiro Rosai Hospital Japan PPI against CTO lesions of all extremities
Hsuan-Li Huang Tzu-Chi General Hospital Taiwan, R.O.C Sustained vessel patency of occluded superficial femoral artery by cryoplasty in patient with severe claudication
Chronic Total Occlusion-3 11:30
Aniket Puri CSM Medical University India How to cross IT300 when even a miracle fails
Tae Kun Lee Pusan National University Hospital Korea Recanalization of a totally occluded left circumflex artery using the ventureTM catheter for guidewire support and direction
Hidetsugu Sakai Kushiro Rosai Hospital Japan Impact of kissing wire technique to treat a CTO lesion between two major bifurcations
Katsuya Kitano Hirakata City Hospital Japan A successful recanalization of chronic total coronary occlusion by using retrograde kissing wire technique because of coronary collateral development after oral administration of ISDN
Peripheral Cases 2 11:30
Kiyoshi Yamagami Osaka Rosai Hospital Japan Intra-pseudolumen IVUS guided peripheral intervention for chronic total occlusion of right superficial femoral artery: A case report
Jae-Youn Moon Chonnam National University Hospital Korea Successful endovascular treatment of acute thrombotic total occlusion of aorta
Naohiro Hakamata Kikuna Memorial Hospital Japan Endovascular treatment for right iliac stenosis and long superficial femoral and popliteal arterial total occlusion via both left brachial and right femoral approach in the patient with critical limb ischemia
Complications/others 15:00
Akira Oshita Saiseikai Saijo Hospital Japan A case of complication of femoral artery occlusion by closer device
Ju Han Kim Chonnam National University Hospital Korea Simultaneous subacute stent thrombosis of two sirolimus-eluting stents in a patient treated by ReoPro, thrombus aspiration and triple anti-platelet aagents
Jae-Bin Seo Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Korea Successful repair of coronary artery perforation after chronic total occlusion intervention by implantation of the jomed covered stent graft
Toshihiko Yasuda Ishikawa Prefectural Central Hospital Japan Complete stent strut fracture-induced restenosis in a LMT bifurcated lesion with the crush stenting technique
Chronic Total Occlusion-4 16:00
Daisuke Hachinohe Sapporo Higashi Tokushukai Hospital Cardiovascular Center Japan A case of success CTO-PCI of RCA with antegrade wiring approach using a Torunus catheter retrogradely following the device crossing failure via the saphenous vein graft
Takahide Suzuki Engaru Kosei General Hospital Japan Treatment of LAD CTO (prior CABG) with cart and reverse cart
Lakshmi Narsimha Kabardy Pannala Global Hospital India Successful revascularisation of RCA CTO - Double wire technique and TORNUS device
Su Hong Kim Busan Veterans Hospital Korea Mid LAD CTO intervention using bilateral contrast injection
Calcified/tortuous vessels 17:00
Josepa Mauri Ferre Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol Spain Opening and cutting to perform IVUS plaque characterization
Su Hong Kim Busan Veterans Hospital Korea Transradial intervention of multiple calcified tortous lesion using anchor balloon technique
Yasuo Kanegae Ohsumi-Kanoya Hospital, Kanoya Japan Angioplasty for RCA bifurcation lesion with extremely severe tortuousity

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