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A key development topics in recent years has been the rapid expansion of Peripheral Intervention to the major arteries of the cerebrovacular arteries (carotid and vertebral, subclavian artery), the renal arteries, and the iliac, femoral and below-knee arteries in the legs. Last year, the CCT recognised this development by inaugurating a Course dedicated to Peripheral Intervention.
Building on that successful start, this year's CCT Peripheral will feature live case demonstrations from Japan's National Cardiovascular Center and Kobe City General Hospital. The program for the Wednesday afternoon of this year's Course (September 28th) will present educational sessions on diagnosis (particularly using MDCT and ultrasound) and indications for new cases, as well as highlighting the full range of therapeutic options, including non-interventional strategies, available for peripheral artery disease. And the program for the Thursday livedemonstration will present several cases of peripheral territory, including carotid, subclavian, renal, iliac, and femoral arteries.

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