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One of the key roles for medicine in the management of cardiovascular disease is the improvement of the patient's long-term prognosis. In a large number of patients presenting with cardiac disease, arrhythmia is a key determinant of long-term prognosis. Whatever the field of medicine, it is imperative to take the broad view and treat each case on the basis of the individual merits; adopting a narrow, one-rule-fits-all approach may mean you end up not being able to see the wood for the trees. The broad view entails bringing experience and know-how of the whole broad spectrum of cardiovascular-related diseases while striving for the improved patient outcomes that are the ultimate objective of all medicine.

This year at the CCT for the first time, we highlight arrhythmia, with special focus on catheter ablation, and offer a program and platform designed for not just arrhythmia specialists but also for specialists across the wider spectrum of ischemic heart disease to extend their technical expertise. The Electrophysiology Live Demonstration will, this year only, be limited to one day due to time constraints, but will be expanded in the future. Other changes include an innovative approach this year with Educational Sessions by overseas specialists as well as domestic ones, which we believe will be unique to the CCT. We are confident that this will add up to a successful and rewarding meeting for all participants.

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