CTO Club

 Course Objectives

Although it is said that PCI technology for CTO lesions has matured, not all problems have been solved yet. Even now, guidewires, microcatheters, and other devices targeting CTO lesions continue to be developed. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us in trying our best to become more proficient with these developing devices in order to further improve our success rates.

While we felt the benefits of online meetings at a time when it was difficult to hold live meetings due to COVID-19, we were reminded that we are able to have more active discussions by watching live case procedures together on the same screen in the same venue. Unless circumstances change, the next CTO Club will be held on-site on June 21-22, 2024.

We hope that CTO Club will become a source of useful information for CTO-PCI. We look forward to seeing you at the 24th CTO Club in Nagoya.

Yuji Oikawa, MD
The 24th CTO Club Representative Course Director


Course Directors

Maoto Habara
Toyohashi Heart Center

Yuji Hamazaki
Ootakanomori Hospital

Shunsuke Matsuno
The Cardiovascular Institute

Wataru Nagamatsu
Hokusetsu General Hospital

Kenya Nasu
Mie Heart Center

Yuji Oikawa
The Cardiovascular Institute

Atsunori Okamura
Sakurabashi Watanabe Hospital

Hiroyuki Tanaka
Kurashiki Central Hospital

Takafumi Tsuji
Kusatsu Heart Center

Junji Yajima
The Cardiovascular Institute

Ryohei Yoshikawa
Sanda City Hospital


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 Call for Cases

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 Future Meetings

CTO Club supported by Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics

The 25th CTO Club in 2025
June 13 Fri. – 14 Sat., 2025

Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics (CCT)

October 24 Thu. - 26 Sat., 2024
Kobe International Exhibition Hall, Portopia Hotel, Kobe, Japan